1bit Concept


1bit is a 4 pack games collection created in a 1 bit art style. The games are replicas of / based on retro arcade games from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

All 4 games are built with never ending core system so, theoretically, you can play long sessions and you’ll push the high score to the limit.

Games included


The 90’s hot game where you have to shot pins at a rotating target without hitting other existing pins. Easy at start, but stressfull once you get momentum!


The 70’s simple, but addictive Arcade game where you control a paddle to aim a ball that will destroy blocks of stones (or whatever). 1 ball, 1 life, 1 mistake and Game over!


80’s bubble killer Arcade game where you control an Indiana Jones character that can shoot grapple hooks in order to hit bubbles that will split into smaller bubble until they are gone. Plan you shots and not get overwhelmed by the nasty smalleer bubbles!


The last classic of the pack is a rogue like asteroid shooter where you fly a lonely spaceship throughout the endless space and shoot asteroids. You can shoot them all or pass them by, but watchout your fuel as your reserve will run out eventually and the only fuel source is… of course, “special” asteroids fragments.